Feathers – At the feet of a god

From my newly released collection of Inspirational short stories, Feathers.

At the feet of a god

Months of tests later I was doing an exercise all hooked up to the ECG machine. At the two and half minute mark, my heart rate had reached its maximum and I was gasping for breath. Sometimes the stars align; sometimes luck is on your side. The day before my follow up visit, my cardiologist had attended a seminar given by an eminent professor in the field. My doctor said she had sat there listening, becoming increasingly more excited. What the lecturer was talking about sounded exactly like what I suffered from. I still can remember that day vividly. My then boyfriend sat with me..I was told I had a rare condition, called Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), and I would need a Tilt Table Test to confirm diagnosis. The diagnosis was confirmed when my heart rate went up by over thirty beats per a minute just on a heads up position. After that my life tilted further than that Tilt Table. Despite varying treatments, my condition only seemed to get worse. Then one day my boyfriend was not there when I returned from a weekend away. Pinned to the door was a note:

Can’t cope, don’t want a burden I want a fun bird, bye’

He didn’t wait to tell me, he didn’t post it through, he just pinned it to the door. I guess I was fortunate that he had never moved in.

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